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Mode of Operations.

Hello Financial Woman,

Welcome to FinTribe, Nigerian first and largest women-only finance community of 5,000+ women Making Money Moves.

2023 is the year we slay financially, as a member of this community, slacking is not an option because I pledge to keep gingering you to secure the bag as we have been doing in the last 3 years. You can view some of our member’s feedback Here.

Please read to the end, it’s a few minutes Read, remember na money matter. Read carefully. If you are fine with everything, the link to join us is at the end.

Our core function as a community is our monthly savings which is the qualifying criteria as a member. In addition to that, we have the listed activities below:

Is your Money safe?

I am happy to inform you that we partnered with UBA Custodian to handle our money.
This means your savings go to them directly.
They handle all cash inflow and outflow of our savings.

Year end, they disburse to everyone. The Savings are invested with Afrinvest Securities Ltd. Both partners are regulated by the SEC.This is to boost your confidence and give you peace of mind regarding your hard earned money.

For our savings, we have a platform where you will sign in, create an account, get your unique account details which you can save on your banking app and make your monthly savings into.

All contributions made to the account will automatically update on your dashboard, each time you sign into your account, your total savings for the year will be updated.

I will go straight and describe how we run the monthly savings contribution. Kindly read to the end and decide if you want to participate in the savings together.

Important Points to note.

  • We are not the regular Ajor, in the sense that we do not ‘save and carry’ rotationally. We save monthly, (maybe invest the savings) and each person gets back their savings at the end of the year, starting from 2nd week of December.
  • Our communication is via emails and we interact on our Telegram group.
  • There is no defined amount you can save monthly. Save what you can afford to. But it must be up to 10k and above. If you can afford 10k, 20k, 100k, 1M, Just save as your capacity reach.
  • Paystack charges N100 processing fee. This charge goes to them. Please add the fee when transferring your contribution, unless you want it to be deducted from the contributed amount. Ignore any tiny difference after the charges, we will round it up from our end.
  • Once you start with any amount, please do not go below that amount in subsequent months. Set a standard/target and try to meet or even go beyond it in subsequent months. (Example, if you start this month with 20k, please do not come next month and save 15k. Ensure you continue with 20k or more.)

Things to Note on the Investment:

  • This is a secondary goal. Depending on the volume of our investments, interest may be small. If your major focus is on the interest to be earned, we advise you reconsider joining us.
  • Interest is to be shared based on the proportion of your contribution. Someone that is saving 10k cannot get the same portion with one saving 50k. Sharing formula will be made public.
  • The portion of contribution to be considered in the interest sharing is for the months prior to the investment. This means if you were contributing 20k from Jan – June. and increased to 50k from July, when sharing the interest from any investment made before July, your proportion will be calculated based on 20k and not 50k (I will explain this further in the telegram group for anyone that do not understand)
  • I will bring the details of any investment we are to make to the group for approval.
  • IF YOU DEFAULT TO CONTRIBUTE IN ANY SINGLE MONTH (That is outside 25th – 5th) YOU LOSE RIGHT TO SHARE IN ANY INVESTMENT PROFIT. No excuses please. Year end, You get only what you contributed. And you cannot make it up in subsequent months. So please, endeavor to be consistent. This too, is to cultivate financial discipline.

Your responsibility.

I only ask that you take this seriously and ensure to save the due amount EVERY month. Do not wait for a reminder please.

In remuneration and funding operations like salary, Tech support, platform subscriptions, etc, the business keeps 45% of the investment interest, NOT YOUR CONTRIBUTION. Everyone gets their full contribution plus share of remaining interest.

December 2023, we shall all smile at what we would achieve with this. Those that joined us for 2020, 2021 and 2022 testified.

If you are fine with the above and ready to kickstart this money journey together, please follow this link below to signup on our platform and make your first contribution:


Do Invite and share with your friends and family.



Your Partner in Securing the Bag,
Financial Jennifer


We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.